Reel Progress

Slowly getting better. Metal looks decent. Film part … not so much.

Reel Progress
Metal looks decent. Film part ... not so much.

One problem I’m having is the inside of the reel. In the shot below, you can see this odd – and to my eyes, unnatural – pattern of dark shapes.

Full Reel
Strange dark patterns inside reel.

If I remove the front piece, the metal appears more or less normal:

Back only
Looks normal to me.

And, going the other way, if I put something in front of the full reel, I can really see this odd shadow effect:

Really wierd shadows
Definitely something shady going on here...

So I’m thinking that I somehow don’t have the shadows interacting properly. If anybody has any tips, I’d appreciate them.


Okay, one suggestion I received over at the forums was to increase the number of samples for the light that’s causing the weirdness. Here it is with samples bumped up to 5:

Increased samples
Increased samples to 5 for the key light.

It definitely helped with the shadow cast by the ball, but there’s still the weirdness on the inner portion of the reel itself.

One thought on “Reel Progress”

  1. hmm, for me it looks like that weirdness is coused by reflection of the closer reel.
    The outer reel doesn`t have anything to reflect, so it looks pretty normal.

    Rytis Karpuška

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