Blender 2.5 texture node problem

I’m following Andrew Price’s Introduction to Texture Nodes tutorial and applying it to Blender 2.5. Everything seems to be working except the Bump map portion. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to apply in the texture channel even though I can see it correctly (as far as I know) in the node editor. A screen cap is below (click the image for a larger view):

Blender 2.5 Nodes Problem
Blender 2.5 Nodes Problem

I didn’t put up a screen cap of the other three channels because they all display properly. I realize that this may just be an “alpha” problem, but if it isn’t, anybody know what I may be doing wrong or what the problem is?

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  1. hey man, i saw ur comment on and felt bored so i checked out your site. The problem if you haven’t found it yet(its months now 😀 ), is that, you should click show alpha.. right under the texture button… find me @iKlsR on twitter…

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