Taking another stab at Blender. This is a test of a small piece of something larger. In this case, I’m trying to make something that looks like old brass. I’ve got quite a bit to figure out. 😀

Kinda sorta brassy?
A test render from a Blender project, using Blender 2.5.

After some additional fiddling, the weathered part is better, but still not quite like brass.

More weathered?
A little more weathered looking, but still not brassy enough.

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Bubble practice

After picking up a used copy of Elemental Magic, I tried a first go at a surface bubble. This was done straight-ahead in Pencil and it’s kinda-sorta-okay for a first try, I guess. For one thing, I realized during the process just how little I know about what happens inside the bubble. And, in spite of my best efforts to make things overlap, all of the drops seem to hit at the same time. Lesson: 1 or 2 frames is not enough space to give a sense of overlap. One other problem is that, since I haven’t done much straight-ahead animation, my hang time on the droplets really sucks.

For a look at somebody who knows what he’s doing, check out this lava bubble by the author of Elemental Magic.

Something old

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ targetclass=”flashmovie”]

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I found this old snippet from an abandoned project while cleaning out my hard drive. It makes me want to revive the project. Most of the art was created in Inkscape and then imported into KoolMoves where I added a few faint, wispy clouds (using a blur filter) and then animated the camera moves and the train cars. KoolMoves, unlike most of the software I use, is not open source, but it’s a really good and very inexpensive alternative to Flash, and it imports SVG files (which is what Inkscape makes). I’ve even been able to get KoolMoves running on Ubuntu using Wine/CrossOver. I plan to use KoolMoves to make a few original games for the Creepspace website. Take that, Adobe!

On a completely unrelated note, I’m not crazy about the new page layouts for individual videos over at YouTube. In particular, having the “more videos by this user” link on top of the main video seems like a really bad idea since opening it pushes the video you’re watching down the page. Not sure what YouTube is thinking with this redesign.