Last edited July, 2013

I code by day and write, draw, and animate by night. If you’re interested in the non-code stuff, here is my portfolio so far and here is my latest book. I’ve also been known to make a little music.

As for code, I count the following among my skills:

Code Proficiencies

  • PHP/MySQL, Laravel, REST/API development, WordPress
  • HTML4/5 & CSS2/3
  • Javascript, JQuery, AngularJS
  • Actionscript
  • Git/SVN
  • Some Java/Android, some Python, some Ruby/Rails

Employers and Clients

I’m presently slinging code for Logo Garden. I’ve also coded for sites as diverse as Quaver Music, Radixx, and Montgomery Motor Speedway, to name a few.

Personal Projects

  • Creepspace (2009-present): Horror fiction for young readers. I – along with my ghoulish alter ego, E. C. Crawlie – am entirely responsible for the existence of this macabre world.
  • Brain Crud (2001-present): The online dumping ground for whatever nonsense is clogging up my brain.
  • Bailey Jester (2001-2004): Acoustic Americana music. My brother and I wrote and sang our way across America for over three years.
  • The Remnant (2001): I wrote the screenplay for this low-budget horror flick. Too bad you can’t watch the screenplay. 😀


  • Eclipse, NetBeans, FlashDevelop, Linux, Bash
  • Adobe: Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and the rest of the Adobe suite of products
  • Toon Boom Animate Pro, Digicel FlipBook
  • Sketchbook Pro
  • Open Source drawing and painting: Gimp, MyPaint, Inkscape, Krita
  • Open source animation: Synfig, Pencil, Blender


Northland College: BS in biology with chemistry minor, 3.98 GPA