Closed source, proprietary software really just isn’t worth the money.

I have to work with Flash and several other Adobe products at my day job as an AS3 programmer. Flash alone costs $700. It simply isn’t worth it and here’s yet another example of why:

What the hell, Flash?
What the hell, Flash?

Open source is the way and the truth and the light. Why? Because closed source expensive stuff isn’t really any better plus it’s closed source and expensive. And don’t give me that “industry standard” crap. It’s only industry standard because too many sheep buy what the advertisers tell them to buy. I know from experience: whatever it is you are trying to program or create, you can do it with open source software. And if everybody who uses Adobe products (for instance) took 1/100th of the money they gave to Adobe and contributed it instead to the open source counterpart projects, everybody would win.

Except, of course, for Adobe.

Which means everybody would win.

By the way, if you need to make a .swf and you absolutely must get your proprietary rocks off, get KoolMoves. It does anything you’d want to do and costs less than 1/10th what you’d pay for Flash. And, on top of that, the developer is an actual person that you can talk to. Imagine that.

3DMagix and IllusionMage, scams or open source leeches?

Just doing my small part to help prevent people from being scammed by these Blender rip-offs:

3DMagix, 3DMagixPro, IllusionMage, scam

If you’d like to help stop the scam, here’s how:

A grass-roots solution is to push 3DMagix and IllusionMage from the top search results in Google, and replace them with a link to the article on This should warn people who are about to buy this ‘product’.

To do so, we’ll need as MANY well-formed incoming links on that page. Be sure to use the names 3DMagix and IllusionMage in the text part of the link. Here’s a piece of code that you can use on your own website:

<a href="">3DMagix, 3DMagixPro, IllusionMage, scam</a>

HeroesCon 2010

HeroesCon 2010We’re back from my very first comics convention, HeroesCon 2010. I’ll have a more complete rundown of the weekend’s happenings in a later post, but for now just know that De and I had a great time, we met some really fantastic people, and we’re definitely going back next year.