Digital Drawing Practice

I’m going to bed early tonight, so here are some snowmen. I’m obviously still trying to improve my digital drawing skills. I actually drew the blue one first with a two-pixel pencil setting, then the black one with a one-pixel setting. I also tried a trick on the black one where I zoomed out to draw the thumbnail, then zoomed in to finish it. That approach seemed fruitful and I intend to explore it further.


Pulling Shapes

Doing what I call “pulling shapes” in Inkscape, just to see what I can come up with. I sort of think of it as a kind of 2D sculpting. For some reason, I find it relaxing.

Vector Head
Pulling shapes in Inkscape.

Edit: Ha! I just noticed that the last three posts (including this one) were all published on the sixth of the month. I’m nothing if not regular. 🙂