Taking another stab at Blender. This is a test of a small piece of something larger. In this case, I’m trying to make something that looks like old brass. I’ve got quite a bit to figure out. 😀

Kinda sorta brassy?
A test render from a Blender project, using Blender 2.5.

After some additional fiddling, the weathered part is better, but still not quite like brass.

More weathered?
A little more weathered looking, but still not brassy enough.

Click to view even more attempts!

HeroesCon 2010

HeroesCon 2010We’re back from my very first comics convention, HeroesCon 2010. I’ll have a more complete rundown of the weekend’s happenings in a later post, but for now just know that De and I had a great time, we met some really fantastic people, and we’re definitely going back next year.

WIP: Creepspace Promo

Creepspace Promo Frame-grab
A frame from an upcoming Creepspace promo.
This is a frame from a Creepspace promo I’m whipping up. It works better as an animation than as a still image. This part was done entirely in Synfig. I have one more bit to do to finish – maybe as early as tonight. Click the image for a slightly larger version.

Bubble practice

After picking up a used copy of Elemental Magic, I tried a first go at a surface bubble. This was done straight-ahead in Pencil and it’s kinda-sorta-okay for a first try, I guess. For one thing, I realized during the process just how little I know about what happens inside the bubble. And, in spite of my best efforts to make things overlap, all of the drops seem to hit at the same time. Lesson: 1 or 2 frames is not enough space to give a sense of overlap. One other problem is that, since I haven’t done much straight-ahead animation, my hang time on the droplets really sucks.

For a look at somebody who knows what he’s doing, check out this lava bubble by the author of Elemental Magic.

John K’s $100 K is OK with me

I’ve decided to really focus on some of the fundamental drawing skills again and see if I can push past this mediocre plateau I’ve been on for a while now. To this end, I’m doing John Kricfalusi‘s “$100,000 Animation Drawing Course.” Here’s a small batch of starter sketches. These will mostly be used to compare against later. I imagine it’ll take a while to get me out of the first lesson.

Starter sketches for John K's $100K
Starter sketches for John K's $100K

And, here’s a frog study:
Frog study
Frog study

And, here’s a little practice drawing directly in Pencil with a background wash in Gimp:

Drawing practice in Pencil (with Gimp background).