The Lorax hates Android

…and, apparently, any mobile OS other than IOS.

I’m actually kind of interested in seeing the upcoming CG version of the Dr. Seuss classic, but I’m perplexed as to why such a blockbuster film would have an Apple-only mobile version of its web site. I mean, even if Apple is giving Universal (or whoever) wads of cash for some kind of exclusive mobile deal, it still seems like a terrible idea to make your site available to only a fraction of the mobile web. Unless, of course, we’re talking really huge wads of cash, I guess. The kicker for me, though, is that the desktop version of the site is built in Flash. How weird is that?

The Lorax has no love for Android
Android: 'But I thought you liked green!'


For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, I tried to visit the official movie site on my Android phone and was greeted with this notice:

No Lorax for you!
No Lorax for you!

Upon clicking “OK” I saw a lovely white screen. That’s it. No simplified version of the site, no hold page, not even any text. Just a blank white screen. And, see, here’s the thing: they are apparently proactively deciding not to show me any kind of site at all simply because I’m not visiting with an iPhone or iPad. It’s astonishing to me.

I know this doesn’t rise to the level of importance of, say, starving children in Africa, but I’m tempted to stage a boycott of the movie simply because of this practice. Yeah, I know: good luck with that. Nonetheless, the very idea of dividing up the web based on who has what device is completely contrary to the concepts of open standards, net neutrality and the like. It’s not a behavior I want to reward with my hard-earned dollars. It is kind of par for the course for Apple, however, although it’s still unclear to me exactly what – if anything – Apple has to do with this particular instance.