Introducing SearchGull

I did pretty extensive work with AngularJS during my time at my previous job and my current one is a bit lacking in fun Javascript stuff, so I built a prop search engine to get some hands-on experience with React. It’s called SearchGull and the basic idea is that you enter your own fictional search results, which you can then use in something like a movie. I have no idea if anybody would ever use such a thing, but it was more fun than making a Todo app. Of course, my brother pointed out that what I’ve really made is a fake news machine. 🙂

The app is also a SPA and a PWA as well as a serverless app on an S3 bucket on AWS. Hitting all of the buzzwords in one fell swoop!

The new cover is finally here

When I first published Creepspace: The Witch Game, I also did the cover art and, at the time, it was the best I could do. But that cover didn’t entice the right age group (ages 8 – 12). It did seem to appeal to kids in the 4 – 6 age range, but they’re too young for the book.

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Summer Camp

Today I finally got to set up my work space for my “Summer Camp” project. This summer, I’m treating myself to animation camp … in my spare bedroom. It took most of the afternoon to clean the space out, then to gather, assemble, hang, or otherwise make useful all of the various pieces of my master plan, but now it’s all there. (A special thanks to Adam for helping me put the animation table together last weekend.) Now all I have to do is the work. I took a picture because this is likely the last time that space will be neat for a while. (Sorry, De. 😉 )

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