Summer Camp

What I did today.

Today I finally got to set up my work space for my “Summer Camp” project. This summer, I’m treating myself to animation camp … in my spare bedroom. It took most of the afternoon to clean the space out, then to gather, assemble, hang, or otherwise make useful all of the various pieces of my master plan, but now it’s all there. (A special thanks to Adam for helping me put the animation table together last weekend.) Now all I have to do is the work. I took a picture because this is likely the last time that space will be neat for a while. (Sorry, De. 😉 )

Oh, somebody told you hand drawn animation was dead? Not in Nashville, Tennessee, it isn’t. Just give me a few weeks to get my peg legs under me and I’ll show you. 🙂

What I did today.
What I did today.

2 thoughts on “Summer Camp”

  1. VERY COOL!!!!!1
    Way cool matt.
    I’ve been wanting to do the same with my area in the basement. But haven’t had the time… Keep it up my friend and let me see your pencil test. I love watching those..


  2. Yeah, I’m excited about woodshedding some traditional animation this summer. I’m at my girlfriend’s family reunion for the rest of the week, but as soon as I get back I’m chaining myself to that table and locking the door! You should definitely set yours up. Do it! 🙂

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