Summer Camp

Today I finally got to set up my work space for my “Summer Camp” project. This summer, I’m treating myself to animation camp … in my spare bedroom. It took most of the afternoon to clean the space out, then to gather, assemble, hang, or otherwise make useful all of the various pieces of my master plan, but now it’s all there. (A special thanks to Adam for helping me put the animation table together last weekend.) Now all I have to do is the work. I took a picture because this is likely the last time that space will be neat for a while. (Sorry, De. 😉 )

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Working the Lines

This post is actually kind of momentous though it may not seem like much. First, the not so important part: I did some testing in Flash to see how I might be able to get decent line quality using Flash as a frame-by-frame animation tool. It’s okay, I guess, though the underlying drawing is kind of sucky. On the second head, I experimented with using blurs on some elements.

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Jumper Dude Revisited

This is a second pass at the little animation I posted here. I reworked the landing slightly and then played with Pencil’s coloring tools. The alpha protection mode is actually really useful for shading and highlights, but I’m still not crazy about the quality of the finished line on the character. I also did a really quick background in Gimp.

Pencils on a pencil in Pencil

Experimenting with various approaches to finishing a drawing in the open source program Pencil. Nothing really satisfies me. I have a plan to do some old-fashioned paper and pencil animation this weekend. I think I may try finishing some of those frames in Gimp or MyPaint for comparison. MyPaint just released version 1.1 and I can’t wait to try out the new features.

Pencil Experiments
Pencil Experiments

A Little Jumper Dude

Some really crappy straight-ahead practice in Pencil. I did a lousy job of maintaining volumes, the landing makes no sense, and that initial antic is pretty weak, but at least I got a practice session in. 🙂

It was touch and go for a while as my Wacom driver stopped working under Windows 7, so I couldn’t use Toon Boom as I’d planned. I spent about 90 minutes reinstalling and updating drivers to no avail. Luckily, I never have that problem on Linux Mint.